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Lynzel's Lighting Is The #1 Decor-Lighting Company In The Caribbean!

We provide state-of-the-art, Computerized Lighting, Stage-Lighting, Decorating Services, Sound System Services, Truss and a variety of Special Effects Services, of which includes the popular ‘dancing on a cloud effect’ generally used for wedding first dances.

Our Company Is Based In Trinidad & Tobago and we have been providing our services for all types of events, of which primarily include weddings, as well as corporate events, outdoor/indoor parties, house gatherings just to name a few, since 2009.

We believe that every event should be unique and memorable, so we settle for nothing less than perfection down to every detail. We also understand that every event is different; all of our packages are custom tailored to fit your personal style and budget. A lot of time and effort goes into event planning, and we’re here to re-create the magical event you’ve spent a lot of time dreaming and envisioning. Frankly, no other medium exists that can establish mood more effectively than well done lighting and décor. With that in mind, the team at Lynzel’s Decor Lighting & Special Effects Services ensure that ‘we take your event from just average to unforgettable’! Don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of our testimonials.

Please do not hesitate to call or message us with ANY question/s you may have…We eagerly look forward to transforming your event venue, see you soon!

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Roxanne Vialva Avatar
Roxanne Vialva
1/22/2019 - Facebook

Lyndon and Meagan did an exceptional job with the lighting and decor for my wedding. I was very pleased with... read full review

Stephan Simon Avatar
Stephan Simon
11/05/2018 - Facebook

U all are d best. from the stephan's signature dance company.

Nerissa Young Avatar
Nerissa Young
10/29/2018 - Facebook

I was pleased with the services offered by Lyndon and his team, communication was very open every step of the... read full review

Marcus Philip Avatar
Marcus Philip
8/26/2018 - Facebook

The Very Best in Lighting in Trinidad & Tobago!

Stacy Maraj Avatar
Stacy Maraj
7/11/2018 - Facebook

The best wedding lighting company i’ve seen around, spotlights, controllers, timed drama effects, the works!

Simone Bowen-Dennie Avatar
Simone Bowen-Dennie
6/18/2018 - Facebook

Lynzel's Lighting really put on a show at Sim's Events Decor last weddimg. Lightning on point. Very professional. They called... read full review

Janelle Marcano Avatar
Janelle Marcano
6/04/2018 - Facebook

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an amazing ambience that would leave your guests speechless. I... read full review

Laisrand Lee Avatar
Laisrand Lee
4/26/2018 - Facebook

Darol Driggs Avatar
Darol Driggs
3/25/2018 - Facebook

We had a great experience with Lynzel’s Lighting. From the careful attention to the design and details to the professional... read full review

Alisha Atkinson Avatar
Alisha Atkinson
11/20/2017 - Facebook

To lynzel's lighting company thank you all for exceeding our expectations .Everything was professionally organized from start to finish and... read full review

Neo Phoenix Avatar
Neo Phoenix
11/20/2017 - Facebook

Very Professional and understanding they reach exactly! on time and they set up really quickly they ask you as... read full review

Avion Pierre Avatar
Avion Pierre
11/20/2017 - Facebook

Vanessa Atkins Avatar
Vanessa Atkins
8/17/2017 - Facebook

The best lighting I've ever seen in Trinidad, your new ideas for each event is what keeps me interested and... read full review

Joshua Alexander Avatar
Joshua Alexander
7/18/2017 - Facebook

Cary Scorch Avatar
Cary Scorch
7/17/2017 - Facebook

To Lyndon and the guys u all did an awesome job. Not only the lighting but your work ethics, attitude,... read full review

Crystal Alexander Avatar
Crystal Alexander
5/16/2017 - Facebook

Vidya Emrith Avatar
Vidya Emrith
12/29/2016 - Facebook

Sharniece Isaac Lewis Avatar
Sharniece Isaac Lewis
12/14/2016 - Facebook

I must say i was very please when i came into the hall space to see what you guys work... read full review

Rajesh Byron Avatar
Rajesh Byron
9/13/2016 - Facebook

Excellent customer service...The lights made a huge difference...it transformed the centre into an entirely different place...they did an excellent job...would... read full review

BoiOpera Dapz Avatar
BoiOpera Dapz
8/30/2016 - Facebook


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