What our past clients said:

Rachel Baptiste Avatar
Rachel Baptiste
1/19/2022 - Facebook

All ideas starts with a vision, Lyndon from Lynzel’s - a special thanks for your amazing customer service and for... read full review

Salinas Diana Avatar
Salinas Diana
1/17/2022 - Facebook

Special thanks to these guys who transformed my garage so beautifully for my birthday party. Amazing service and so economical...... read full review

Nicola Prince Avatar
Nicola Prince
12/28/2021 - Facebook

I had the privilege of working with lynzel's events for my wedding and I must ask that I was truly... read full review

Jerome Avatar
12/27/2021 - Facebook

When it's nice, do it twice! Lynzel Events delivered the vision beyond imagination at both our engagement and wedding reception.... read full review

Keya Bfab Avatar
Keya Bfab
1/08/2021 - Facebook

Lynzel's Lighting and DJ services for our wedding was nothing but exceptional. After this lockdown in 2020 with covid this... read full review

Njemile Taylor-Perry Avatar
Njemile Taylor-Perry
10/23/2020 - Facebook

Great service on short notice!!

I hired this company for my wedding and their service was great and above board. They...
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Stacy McDonald Avatar
Stacy McDonald
3/13/2020 - Facebook

Thank you for a magical night! My husband and I had a blast for our wedding thanks to Lynzel's lighting... read full review

Christine Gopaul Avatar
Christine Gopaul
1/07/2020 - Facebook

They are courteous, reliable, punctual, no problems arose they could not deal with. A pleasure to have worked with... read full review

Kelisha Jacob - John Avatar
Kelisha Jacob - John
12/13/2019 - Facebook

The experience with lynzel's lighting was fabulous. It was everything we expected and more. It was a pleasure having them... read full review

Jason Dwayne Avatar
Jason Dwayne
10/07/2019 - Facebook

They did a really fabulous job at our wedding..very friendly and professional I would definitely recommend them to anyone! 🙂

Satis Phillip Avatar
Satis Phillip
8/27/2019 - Facebook

Lyndon you are awesome! very professional! You helped to transform our wedding! you know your stuff! dont hesitate to use... read full review

Tsai-Ann Marie Avatar
Tsai-Ann Marie
8/05/2019 - Facebook

Thank you so much for your services; decorations, lighting and special effects !! They certainly exceeded my expectations. Lyndon and... read full review

Nakaida Brereton-Dickson Avatar
Nakaida Brereton-Dickson
8/01/2019 - Facebook

I recommend everything from the backdrop to the cake lighting and the fog for the first dance. Everything was perfect... read full review

Ingrid Driggs Avatar
Ingrid Driggs
7/22/2019 - Facebook

5 star service
excellent customer service,will recommend Lynzel lighting to anyone, anytime from then till
now all my events ...
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Roxanne Vialva Avatar
Roxanne Vialva
1/22/2019 - Facebook

Lyndon and Meagan did an exceptional job with the lighting and decor for my wedding. I was very pleased with... read full review

Stephan Simon Avatar
Stephan Simon
11/05/2018 - Facebook

U all are d best. from the stephan's signature dance company.

Nerissa Young Avatar
Nerissa Young
10/29/2018 - Facebook

I was pleased with the services offered by Lyndon and his team, communication was very open every step of the... read full review

Marcus Philip Avatar
Marcus Philip
8/26/2018 - Facebook

The Very Best in Lighting in Trinidad & Tobago!

Stacy Maraj Avatar
Stacy Maraj
7/11/2018 - Facebook

The best wedding lighting company i’ve seen around, spotlights, controllers, timed drama effects, the works!

Simone Bowen-Dennie Avatar
Simone Bowen-Dennie
6/18/2018 - Facebook

Lynzel's Lighting really put on a show at Sim's Events Decor last weddimg. Lightning on point. Very professional. They called... read full review